Privacy Policy

Please read the site rules carefully before starting work:

1- We do not allow, do not deal with, or pay for VPN or proxy visits

2- We do not allow our website to be shortened on any competing shortening site, even if it is free

3- We do not allow sites to exchange visits

4- We do not allow, do not deal with, or pay for visits without a source (direct visits)

5- We do not allow, deal with or pay for Fake Traffic

6- We have the right to ask you about the source of your visits, and you must add it to your profile in order to verify that you are sending real traffic.

7- You cannot create more than one account or create an account from the referral of another account of yours

8- We accept visits coming from faucet sites on the Faucet level only, so you must contact us so that we can put you on this level because it is not available directly.

9- If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us

  Please strictly adhere to the site's rules so that your account is not closed